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ABC has announced the cast for a multi-camera comedy titled Black Don’t Crack produced by Viola Davis, Larry Wilmore and Julius Tennon. Essence Atkins and Tisha Campbell are starring opposite Sherri Shepherd as leads in the new series. Tahj Mowry, Beth Grant and Isaiah Mustafa will also join as series regulars in the pilot from writer and executive producer Regina Hicks.

The comedic series follows three former sorority sisters, portrayed by Shepherd, Atkins and Campbell, who after losing touch post-graduate studies reunite during a critical moment in their lives. They realize at times it may be challenging to keep it together, and that is when they learn to lean on their sisterhood instead.

Atkins’s character, Nia Hillis Davis, is considered a toughie, conservative politician’s wife who has lost touch with her more fun and lovable college self. She is the voice of reason amongst their friend group.

Campbell will play Tasha Marks, who is a hip and fabulous Atlanta restaurateur trendsetter. She is the brutally honest friend, but her problem is she often avoids the truth in her own life.

Then there is Shepherd, who plays Angela Wright, a native New Yorker who is losing it between single motherhood and mid-life crisis. It’s hard to tell she’s having any challenges being 45, because “black don’t crack.” Angela is a single mom who quit her dreams of pursuing music to raise her son after her husband passed away. Now when she’s faced with a personal crisis, she reunites with her sorority sisters to reignite the old flame of passion, ambition and sisterhood they once had in their college past.

Tahj Mowry plays Khalil Grant, who is Angela’s 20 something son. He’s a recent college graduate full of big dreams, but he has yet to bring his bright ideas to fruition. Khalil is the child who lives in his mother’s basement and still relies on her to do his laundry and front him rent money.

Grant plays Nancy who is Angela’s abrasive mother-in-law. She has a grandmotherly adoration for her grandson, Khalil but she can be a bit demanding and unaware of her prejudices toward her daughter-in-law. Though Angela is not fond of her mistreatment, the two rely on each other throughout the series.The two share the loss of someone they both love and their devotion to Khalil. That love is what ultimately keeps them from terrorizing one another under the same roof.

Mustafa portrays Charles Daniels, who is the co-owner with Tasha of a restaurant and bar. Charles, a former pro-football player, is handsome and charming. His stories from back in his glory days playing professional football keeps him at the forefront of every conversation.

The show’s release date has not been confirmed. Look out for ABC’s Black Don’t Crack coming soon.

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