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We’ve discussed cleansing, whole food consumption and the mental approach. Now let’s discuss the final piece to the puzzle, fitness. I chose fitness last because I find it is the most difficult component to stick to . When you’re busy it’s tough to get up early, workout during lunch or go to the gym after a long day at work. On top of the that your fitness professional is telling you to wait three weeks to see anything. When you follow the previous steps of cleansing and whole food consumption you’ve already seen results, you’re motivated and full of energy. At this point, there are no excuses…..get into the gym. I know the economy is slow, not everyone can afford a gym membership. Don’t worry about that, I will address that in articles to come. I provided you with three simple steps to leading a healthy lifestyle. I now will provide you with three simple steps to follow in the gym.

  1. Free Weights Are Best
  2. Calories In And Calories Out
  3. Maximum Of 40 Minutes Of Cardio

*Remember to consult your physician before starting a fitness program.

Free Weights Are Best– Free weights, which include dumbbell and plates require multi joint exercises. These are exercises which involve two joints. An example would be the lunge. Lunges work the muscles at the hip joints as well as at the knee joint, other examples are bench press, squats and pull ups. These exercises require you to be on your feet (except bench and pull ups). This will cause you to use more muscle, which will increase lean muscle mass, which then will allow you to burn more fat and calories. When using free weights always use good technique. Control the weight at all times, breathe out when exerting the force. Two to three sets of 10 reps is good to start.

Maximum Of 40 Minutes Of Cardio– After 40 minutes of cardio the hormone, cortisol ,increases its levels. The body is treating the cardio training as stress which will cause the body to store fat instead of burning fat.

Calories In And Calories Out- The bottom line is you need to burn more calories than you take in. You’re not going to do this sitting on a bike, reading the paper burning 150 calories in 40 minutes. You have to get on your feet, treadmills, precore, efx any cardio machine in which you are standing is best. In 40 minute your (eventual) goal is to burn 400 calories. Interval training is a good way to reach this goal, this entails manipulating the resistannce. An example would be running at level 10 for 30 sec and back down to level 5 for 30 sec. The easier it gets the more you increase the resistance and duration (30 sec now becomes 45 sec, level 10 is now level 12).

Some of you are probably thinking this is pretty challenging.Well, it is, the goal here is to challenge you, therefore getting you timely and safe results. I know we have beginners here I will provide you with workouts down the road. For the beginner, 1. Start with machines, one machine per body part 1-2 sets of 8 is good. Your cardio program is based entirely on your current fitness level. If you are sedentary, start on a bike, 10-20 minute at a low level 3-5 in good. Your goal is just to get use to physical activity. As it gets easy, you increase the intensity. When performing cardio remember the “talk test”. You should be able to carry on a conversation while performing your cardio. If this is an issue decrease the intensity.

We’ve addressed 3 simple steps to a healthy lifestyle. 1. Cleansing 2. Whole Food Consumption 3. Fitness. My goal now is to get personal. I want you to tell me what’s keeping you from getting healthy. I want us to work together to overcome these obstacles. I want you all to embrace living a healthy lifestyle. Make this a priority, allow me to help you. Wake up people and take your health back.

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