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Before her arrest, the woman who would soon become known as “SoHo Karen” gave an ill-fated interview on ‘CBS This Morning.’

Miya Ponsetto thought it was a good idea to have Gayle King ask her what happened on that day involving 14-year-old Keyon Harrold, Jr. and his jazz musician father Keyon Harrold, Sr. at the Arlo Hotel in New York on Dec. 26, 2020.

In an attempt to give her side of the incident that is now viral, Ponsetto, who was with her lawyer while wearing a hat with “Daddy” printed on it, where she had the young Harrold to the floor “believing that he stole her iPhone, only to learn later that she left it in an Uber.”

Here is where things start to get interesting there more SoHo Karen talks.

She did admit that didn’t stop “everyone who was leaving the hotel.”

King kept asking Ponsetto, 22, about what happened between the young woman and the father and son.

“At the end of the day, the dad did end up slamming me to the ground and pulling my hair and throwing me and dragging me across the ground so, I, I will say that,” Ponsetto mentions before mentioning that “the footage shows me attacking his son, of attacking him how? Yelling at him? Yes, OK, I apologize. Can we move on?”

She seemed to get more irritated with King’s questioning as the interview went on and it doesn’t get easier from there.

When the aggressor tried to make herself a victim, she did not do herself any favors.

“OK, so basically I’m a 22-year-old-girl. I, I don’t, racism… how is one girl accusing a guy about a phone a crime? Where is the context in that? What is the deeper… what is the deeper story here?” Ponsetto would ask.

From EURweb:

King interjects: “You have to at least understand your actions that day. You seem to have attacked this little boy — this young boy, this teenager … about the phone and then it turned out: he did not even have your phone.”

This is SoHo Karen tried to shut the interview down:

After King tells Ponsetto that she’s “old enough to know better,” she puts her hand up to King’s image on the screen and says: “Alright, Gayle. Enough.”

SoHo Karen added “The hotel did have my phone. The hotel did end up having my phone. I did get my belongings returned to me.”

You can see King’s interview with Ponsetto below for yourself:

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