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Barack Obama Campaign Weeks Away From Election Day

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Donald Trump sat down with ’60 Minutes’ not long ago and couldn’t stand the heat in the kitchen so he got up and walked out.  Donald Trump the 45th president of U.S. clearly has an issue with Barack Obama the 44th president of the U.S. however there is clearly a distinct difference between the two and professionalism and leadership is at top.  Being able to be clear in your convictions while putting the very reason your in office, the citizens of America’s best interest first collectively.  When you can do these things there isn’t a temperature in the kitchen that can drive you out and that’s why Barack Obama sat in the ’60 Minutes’ kitchen for 60 minutes.

In an interview this past weekend on ’60 Minutes’ former president Barack Obama talked about his new book “The Promised Land”, Obama titled the book the because “even though we may not get there in our lifetimes, even if we experience hardships and disappointments along the way, that I at least still have faith we can create a more perfect union.”  Barack Obama also shared advice he would give to Donald Trump if he would listen.  Barack Obama also gave his thoughts on with the deaths of  Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, at the hands of police officers that take an oath to protect and serve, why these injustices never overcome?

 Well, it, for a couple of reasons. One is that we have a criminal justice system in which we ask oftentimes very young, oftentimes not-very-well-trained officers to go into communities and just keep a lid on things.

Barack also discussed whether or not he would be joining team Biden in the White House.

Take a look at the complete interview below.

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