After a woman recently found her boyfriend’s cell phone filled with not-so-subtle sext messages like “Booty call,” she, understandably, sent him packing. As it turns out, though, he didn’t write them.

Apparently, some workers at Virgin Mobile thought it’d be super hilarious to pre-load a bunch of sexts into someone’s phone. The butt of this lame joke, unfortunately, was one Darren P. of Winnipeg, who tells the Winnipeg Free Press that he was flabbergasted when his girlfriend accused him of cheating. “There’s things I believe about relationships,” Darren says. “The first is that if you are in a relationship, you don’t cheat.” Following the breakup, he launched a crusade to clear his name, a quest that eventually caught the attention of a Virgin Mobile sales associate in Winnipeg. A careful investigation revealed that several phones from the same store had in fact been loaded with similar messages, something that Darren finds abhorrent. As he says, “I’d like to see the phones recalled and the messages taken off, so that others don’t have to go through the hell I’m going through.”

While every other philandering boyfriend with a Virgin Mobile might be celebrating their new, gift-wrapped alibi, we’d like to see these phones recalled, and, more importantly, Darren “taken care of,” as one Virgin sales rep said. And once that’s done, we’d like to see Darren get over this lady. Snooping around phones, Darren? Really? She may be a great person, but if she’s really digging around to spy on you, this might be the best blessing in digital disguise ever. [From: The Winnipeg Free Press, via: Gizmodo]

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