GOP Debate Fallout: Is Donald Trump Imploding?

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It’s seems like the commander and chief is continuing to prove what his naysayers say as truth, specifically as it pertains to the Coronavirus.  First Donald Trump wasn’t down with masks now this.

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It has been the rule if a person has been exposed to COVID-19 they are to quarantine for 14 days.  A rule that was put in place to stop the spread of the potentially deadly Coronavirus.  However if a teacher becomes exposed them quarantining for 14 days could hinder the teaching kids that are going back to schools.  But have no fear Donald Trump is here.

New guidance from the President Donald Trump’s administration that declares teachers to be “critical infrastructure workers” could exempt teachers from quarantine requirements after being exposed to the coronavirus and send them back into the classroom.  Read More

I.E. Why worry about a person that has been exposed to COVID-19 spreading it to children and colleagues!?

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