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Rayshard Brooks was shot in the back last Friday night in Atlanta by an ex-police officer who is now facing felony murder charges for merely falling asleep behind the wheel of his car in a Wendy’s restaurant drive-thru line.  From reports we learned that Rayshard Brooks was a 27 year old father of an 8 year old.  From the police officer that took his life bodycam we learned that he had a mother that passed away and all he wanted to do was pay his respects at her grave.  From all videos and reports Rayshard Brooks was a man with a family that loved and cared about him however yesterday a video was released of Rayshard Brooks in an interview just months before his life, that was destined for change, filled with hope was taken from him, Mr. Brooks spoke of mistakes that have been made in his life, ideas to help others turn their life around through mentorship and how he wasn’t a quitter but a man that was full of promise.

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According to Rayshard Brooks in his own words:

“I just feel like some of the system could, you know, look at us as individuals. We do have lives, you know, just a mistake we made, and you know, not just do us as if we are animals.”

Take a listen to Rayshard Brooks interview filmed by tech startup Reconnect as part of a research project in the video below

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In this heartbreaking interview filmed just four months ago, Brooks speaks about the agony of being trapped in a prison reentry and probation system that won’t let him get back on his feet. His killing at the hands of Atlanta police highlights the need for police reform. But it demonstrates something else that is equally urgent, though rarely discussed: America’s desperate need to overhaul our probation system. Who knows what Brooks could have become, with the right support and better systems? His death represents a double-tragedy that spotlights twin failures in our criminal justice system. As our nation goes through a Great Awakening regarding racial justice, let us transform policing, prisons and probation — all at the same time. #JusticeForRayshardBrooks #SayTheirNames #ReformProbation #criminaljusticereform #cjr #Repost @reform

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