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Police Brutality and George Floyd Killing Protest in Los Angeles, United States

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In a shocking video that went viral a Minneapolis police officer was arresting a man when the officer is scene kneeling on the mans neck in front of witnesses, with the man telling them that he couldn’t breath. Witnesses that posted the horrifying scene on social media.  The man originally was reported to have died later at the hospital, with no name or information being given other than he seemed to be medically distressed.

After the video went viral, Minneapolis officials terminated the police officers amidst protests from the public.  The man’s identity was then later revealed, 46 year old George Floyd.

George Floyd was a working man with a family and a daughter and now his family is speaking out.

The sister of George Floyd, Bridgett Floyd, says she thought she was dreaming when she received a call that fateful evening saying that her brother had died while being apprehended by police.  Bridgett Floyd says she has not scene the video however has been told about it:

“It’s wrong. I don’t understand how someone could possibly let an individual go out like that,”  “I’m just imagining it in my head, and it’s very heartbreaking.”

The family of George Floyd is now being represented by Attorney Benjamin Crump and the his death is being investigated by the FBI

Check out the video below of Bridgett Floyd taking about the death of her brother George Floyd below

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