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Protests erupted in Los Angeles last night after police brutality has been a constant in the news cycle the past few weeks. The death of George Floyd by Minneapolis police was said to be a spark for the protests, but another video from an LA arrest  caught on camera also helped push protestors to the streets.

Protestors took to the 101 Freeway in downtown Los Angeles to block traffic, when police tried to take action to get protestors off the highway. The altercation escalated quickly as the police cruisers tried driving away while protestors were hanging from the car. One protestor was flung from the hood and was visibly injured. Protestors quickly took their frustrations out on a second police car, which pulled up seemingly to check on the injured protestor, but was scurried off by a piece of wood smashing into his back window. Check out video below…

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George Floyd’s death is currently under investigation by not only the state of Minnesota, but also the FBI. President Trump tweeted that there is an investigation underway. All officers have been fired, but no charges have yet been filed.



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