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The 10 part ESPN docu-series The Last Dance has been trending now for 4 weeks and because social media wasn’t prevalent at the time when the Chicago Bull’s ruled the NBA, we weren’t privy to went really went on in real time with NBA legend Michael Jordan.  Every week we are learning something new as well as rumors are being dispelled by the players as well as reporters and the Bull’s front office of  folk tales.

The great debate has been for some, especially for the new millennium, that did not get to bare witness to Sir Air Jordan…Who is the G.O.A.T, the greatest player of all time.

Everyone has been asked, well expect for another NBA legend, Shaquille O’Neil, so last night after the airing of The Last Dance on ESPN the question was posed to Shaq, and he said since you asked I’ll answer, “Michael Jordan”,  and here’s why…(see video below)

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