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Snoop Dogg has publicly apologized to Gayle King, a week after his comments regarding an interview the journalist conducted with Lisa Leslie went viral.

Snoop mostly was condemned for his comments against King, with many supporters of Bryant rallying behind him, resulting in King feeling threatened and even receiving death threats.

“Gayle King, [you] out of pocket for that s**t, way out of pocket,” Snoop said in the video, which has since been deleted from his Instagram page. “What do you gain from that? I swear to god, we the worst. We the f**ing worst. We expect more from you Gayle. Don’t you hang out with Oprah? Why y’all attacking us? We your people! You ain’t come after f***ing Harvey Weinstein, asking them dumb-ass questions. I get sick of y’all.”

Snoop claimed that he didn’t threaten King nor did he want the journalist to be harmed and that he was speaking out for everyone who believed her Bryant question was disrespectful. In a new video posted on social media, he expressed remorse for his words.

“Two wrongs don’t make no right. When you’re wrong, you gotta fix,” he said in the post. “So with that being said, Gayle King: I publicly tore you down by coming at you in a derogatory manner based off of emotions … me being angry at questions that you asked … Should have handled it way different than that. I was raised better than that, so I would like to apologize to you publicly for that language that I used and calling you out of your name and just being disrespectful.”

Snoop says he was defending a friend of his in Bryant who “wasn’t here to defend himself” and he also invited King to meet with him privately so that they can put to bed any issues.

“A lot of people look up to me and they love and they appreciate me,” he continued, “so I want to let them know that anytime you mess up, it’s OK to fix it, it’s OK to man up and say that you’re wrong.”

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