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No matter how old one gets, you’re never too old to be nervous about the judgment of your parents. Tamron Hall, 48, knows how that can be.

The journalist and TV host is married to music executive Steven Greener, and when the couple hit it off and moved in together, she tried her hardest to keep it from her mom, Mary Newton.

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For some quick background on their relationship, Hall and Greener started dating after her Today show exit in 2017. They had actually known each other for years, but as she put it, “His game was not up to par” for her to know he was flirting with her and actually interested.

“We knew each other for about four years and he would run into me and he kept saying, ‘What are the odds?’” she told Ryan Seacrest while guest co-hosting LIVE with Kelly and Ryan on Friday. “I’m like, ‘Cause you’re stalking me, the odds are high.’”

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Two years later she ran into him at a pool in L.A. and was immediately annoyed.

“I thought, is that Steven? ‘What are you doing here?’” she said. “He’s like, ‘What are the odds?’”

After sitting down to talk with her, he finally asked her about going out for pizza together and joked, “Let’s get married.” She didn’t know what to think at the time, but after choosing to give him a chance, she found she was swept away quickly.

“We moved in together like three weeks later,” she said.

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That was a decision she felt her mother wouldn’t be okay with.

“My mother is a Southern old-school, so I kept saying he was ‘visiting,’” she said. “And then, when my mom first visited us, I moved all of his clothing out and he had to stay at a friend’s house a few blocks up. Then he lost the key to the house. It’s a crazy story. But yeah, basically we hid it. It was like a comedy special and my mother said later, she always knew. She said, ‘I always knew he lived there.’”

Hall and Greener went on to marry and welcome their son Moses earlier this year. During an interview for her cover story of PEOPLE, she told the publication in May how special he is to her.

“This was my deepest, greatest love, and I’d never talked about my personal life on TV. I always thought, ‘One day I’ll get married, and I don’t want my husband to have to look at old episodes of me gushing over the last guy.’ So I’ve always been very cautious,” she said. “I think today, people mistake privacy for secrecy. People say he’s my ‘secret husband.’ But we were going everywhere together; it was just a private thing I needed to protect.”

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