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Mack Buckley is lucky to be alive after a run-in with a Delaware State Police officer during what should have been a routine traffic stop.

According to NBC, Buckley, a self-published author and entrepreneur, was driving in Sussex County when he was pulled over by a police officer. In a video clip posted to Buckley’s Facebook page, he can be seen waiting for the officer to approach his vehicle. After the officer, who Buckley identified as Corporal O’Neil of Troop 7 in Lewes, Del., told him to step out of the car, Buckley refuses to leave the vehicle before the officer draws his weapon and points it at Buckley through the driver’s side window.

The officer can be heard telling Buckley “I’m not f***ing with you” while pointing his weapon at Buckley from inches away.

“Why are you pulling the gun on me?” Buckley can be heard shouting before dropping his phone and raising his hands. Buckley repeatedly asks the officer why it was necessary to draw his weapon as the officer repeatedly orders him to unbuckle his seat and step out of the car.

“Stop reaching for shit,” the officer tells Buckley, who reached for his phone earlier in the video.

Buckley, who was reportedly on his way to see his mother, shared his side of the story on Instagram. He wrote:

First off… I’m not a wanted person. I’m not on probation. 2nd… at the time of the stop I was not a suspect in any crime or offense. I was allegedly pulled over for speeding, but pulled over 2 miles from where I was allegedly speeding at. The officer TURNED AROUND and followed me for so long I thought he had read the tag, seen everything was in order and would go on about his business. So for 2 miles I obviously wasn’t a suspect because he did not know who I was. He did I was in my mother’s vehicle. It is registered to her. So to be a suspect I would have to “fit the description” of a so called black male who was wanted or suspected of committing a crime or offense. Which I am not nor was not at the time of this stop. If I was a suspect, why didn’t the officer pull me immediately after turning around for allegedly speeding? Why did I never receive a speeding ticket? 

I am a human being… with rights… not a suspect. And it’s disturbing that people would look at me and label me a suspect because I got pulled over by the police or the tone of my skin. Judged guilty before proven innocent when in reality I am not guilty of anything and fortunate to still be alive. 

At the end of the day, I’m thankful to be here to share my story. I hope that it will bring more awareness to the seriousness of racial profiling, abuse of authority, and the unnecessary use of excessive and deadly force against the melenated public. This nonsense has got to stop!

Buckley also told the Cape Gazette, “I just denied the man the answers he wanted because he denied me the answers I wanted.” Adding “This hit home, right around the corner from my mom’s house, I could have lost my life,” he said. “He put the gun up to my chest. At that point, I thought I was done. I was waiting for the pop.”

He was arrested for resisting arrest, speeding and driving without insurance and registration, NBC reports.

“On the way to the troop he kept referring to YOU PEOPLE,” Buckley wrote on Facebook. “I asked him who was YOU PEOPLE since there was only him and I in the vehicle. Then he proceeded to say I was a worthless piece of shit.”

Buckley was released on $1,000 bond pending a March court appearance.

According to Delaware State Police the interaction is “currently under review.”

Sergeant Richard Bratz of the Delaware State Police declined to identify the officer: “This review is part of an internal process to ensure that we are in compliance with divisional policy and that we are also performing our duties at the level of professionalism that is expected by the citizens that we serve.”


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