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Just because you smile doesn’t mean your spirit isn’t right. 

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Have you ever had a feeling you couldn’t describe but knew it wasn’t pleasant or of God? Today, Erica Campbell reflected on a phrase her mother would pray when she couldn’t identify what would cause her to have thoughts unwarranted, sometimes hidden behind a smile so others couldn’t tell: That right there, God. Take it away.

Have you been there?

Tearing people apart in your head, being judgmental and taking on a dislike for folks God didn’t plant in you is a common wrong. Smiling with a bad attitude behind it? “That right there, God, that makes me feel comfortable doing the wrong thing just because nobody sees it because I’m wearing a smile, take it away,” Erica said.

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Smiling on the outside but hosting terrible thoughts on the inside is not something to take ownership of whether it’s about a person, depression or some other secret you’re keeping to yourself.

Cleanse your spirit, be real with yourself and let God orchestrate the rest.


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