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A black man arrived at the entrance to the building where he lives in St. Louis late Friday night only to find himself blocked by a white neighbor who demanded proof he lived there.

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“Please move, ma’am,” the man, D’Arreion Toles, says in a video he recorded of the encounter.

“I can,” she responds. “Do you live here?”

“I’ve already answered that question,” Toles, 24, replies as he continues to try to get in. “Excuse me.”

But the woman, Hilary Brooke Mueller, refused to move.  

“If you want to come into my building —” she begins to say in the video.

“It’s not your building, you’re not the owner,” Toles says, getting past her. “Excuse me.”

Toles posted videos of the episode on his Facebook page on Saturday and they quickly went viral.  

Over the weekend, Mueller’s employer, Tribeca-STL, reviewed the video and fired her.  

“The Tribeca-STL family is a minority-owned company that consists of employees and residents from many racial backgrounds,” officials with the company said. “We are proud of this fact and do not and never will stand for racism or racial profiling at our company.”

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