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A black gun

Source: Adam Gault / Getty

A video of a tense encounter between four black students and a white man in Florida has prompted a police investigation after it went viral on Twitter.

The video, posted by one of the students of Florida A&M University, Isiah Butterfield, shows the man holding a gun and using his body to prevent the students from entering the building of a student housing complex.  

The incident began when the four students were waiting outside the apartment complex for their friend to let them in to join a party.

Don Crandall told them they weren’t getting into the building, went inside and locked the door.

Then Crandall came out, again, to reiterate the point. That was also when another white student, a resident of the building, tried to intervene on their behalf and let them in, urging Crandall to “keep walking” and “just go about your day.”

In the video, Crandall trades insults with the white student as the black students stand watching quietly. 

The man took out a key to show them, which was when the students noticed he had a gun in his hand.

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