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Gentrification In Progress tape in front of Brooklyn Museum...

Source: Pacific Press / Getty

It started with a chimney.

The structure, shared between Kenneth Kramer’s brick rental property on Hamilton Street and Carlos Colding’s familial home, needed repairs. Kramer hired a mason, and Colding kicked in $200. Then, a conversation with the contractor this winter led Colding to believe he’d been swindled into covering the entire tab.

After that, Kramer claimed in court, there were a series of counter strikes to his properties: rows of threatening Post-it notes, starting with the poetically ominous “Upset? Not yet?” and escalating to sexually explicit comments and death threats; feces piled on a doorknob and more.

Kramer filed a $50,000 civil suit claiming property damage, lost revenue and defamation, and calls to the police.

Colding, 67, denies doing anything wrong. But he says he did post 50 or so angry notes on his own property.  

His sister, Erdis Hennigan, says he didn’t do anything that Kramer alleges. In fact, Hennigan, who is black, thinks Kramer, 53, a white Ardmore resident with half a dozen properties in the area, wants to buy up every property in the neighborhood.”

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