Your Voice Exclusive: Raje Lee Along With Erin Austin, Mother Of Girl Who Was Heckled By #PermitPatty Speaks Out

Permit Patty, Alison Ettel

Source: YouTube screenshot / youtube screenshot

Raja Lee and Erin Austin, mother of 8-year-old Jordan, joined us this morning on Your Voice to discuss #PermitPatty. The video recorded by Erin shows a woman hiding behind a wall and talking on her cell phone.


Alison Ettel, the woman who allegedly called the police on 8-year-old Jordan, recently resigned from her job following outrage of the viral video. Ettel claims Jordan was very loud outside of the apartment complex, Erin differs.
“She came out and walked directly up to my daughter and asked to see the permit,” said Austin.
Erin also revealed that she along with Ettel lives directly across the street from a ballpark, which garners noise and crowds.
Austin hopes that everyone will spread love and stop hate and ignorance, so things like this can stop happening in the world.

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