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Bodycam footage has been released of the moments leading up to a violent arrest on a New Jersey beach. Wildwood police released video of their officers confronting 20-year-old Emily Weinman, who was suspected of underage drinking, over Memorial Day weekend.

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Police said the young woman refused to cooperate, then assaulted an officer.

Weinman’s lawyer says the video shows officers overreacted. The officers involved have been reassigned but are reportedly fully trained, part-time officers used during the busy beach season.

Bodycam video shows officers asking Weinman to take a breathalyzer test after she was seen with alcoholic drinks. Later, police attempt to cite her for possession of alcohol on the beach, but Weinman refuses to cooperate.

“I didn’t disrespect you,” Weinman said. “And you don’t need to write my name down either.”

The officers begin to approach her during the attempted arrest and Weinman appears to reach out and push the officer before the camera cuts out.

When the video comes back, the officer is on top of Weinman with his arm on her neck. He then appears to swing his arm and hit her repeatedly.


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