I’m In Therapy, Now What?

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You did the research, made the call, set your goals and now you are in therapy. Congratulations! Now what? Stick with it. Every experience is different, and therapists have varying styles of practice, but you should feel that you are building a connection and have set goals and a purpose. Like the gym, you will not see changes overnight and you get what you put into it. I recommend a minimum of 12 sessions to really experience the therapy process. Has it been a while and things still don’t feel right between you and your therapist? Discuss it with them and see if you can get back on the same page. If that doesn’t help the issue, you can always explore transferring to a new therapist. You have to do what is best for yourself. The therapeutic process can vary as some see progress sooner and for some it takes a while to get to the root of an issue. Sometimes when dealing with trauma or emotions you have never dealt with before it can feel worse before it gets better. It’s all normal and part of the growing experience. You have taken a brave step. Be present in the journey – work for it. Cheers to moving towards a healthier life.

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