Stormy Daniels Says She Was Threatened To Keep Quiet About Trump

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CNN– In her first television interview since news broke of her alleged 2006 affair with Donald Trump, Stormy Daniels rejected to discuss whether she had any evidence of the affair.

In the “60 Minutes” piece with Anderson Cooper, Daniels risked violating the $130,000 hush agreement while giving a detailed account of the events with Donald Trump.

But she also said she was threatened in Las Vegas in 2011 after attempting to sell her story of the alleged affair. She said a man approached while she was with her small daughter and intimated that something might happen to the child if she talked.

Philly School District Introduces $3.2B Budget

Local school bus.

Source: Lonely Planet / Getty With the promise of a massive cash infusion from the city, the School Reform Commission on Thursday green-lighted the broad outlines of a proposed $3.2 billion budget for next year that would include new spending on additional teachers, supports for struggling students and building repairs.

It is a vastly different picture from last year, when officials projected a budget gap of hundreds of millions of dollars over five years. The Philadelphia School District’s lame-duck governing body lacks the ability to raise its own revenues. Those are rising at a slower pace than its fixed costs.

But in the wake of moving for local control of the district, Mayor Kenney pledged to cover its deficits and this month proposed raising nearly $1 billion for the school system via a property-tax hike and other measures. As a result, the school system is certain it can sustain its current level of spending and even planning to make some badly-needed investments, said chief financial officer Uri Monson.

“I don’t think I ever thought I’d see this,” Monson said of the healthy budget picture. “You can see what the city commitment would do for us.”

Schools chief William R. Hite Jr. said the district was “in the strongest academic and financial position it has been in since I became superintendent.”

The SRC, which  will cease to exist June 30, voted unanimously to adopt the so-called lump-sum budget, which contains the amount the district plans to spend next year but does not commit to details about it. The spending plan covers 130,000 students in traditional public schools and 75,000 in charters.

The U.S. Expels 60 Russian Diplomats, Shutters Seattle Consulate 

President Trump Delivers Remarks At Utah State Capitol In Salt Lake City

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Chicago Tribune-Today the Trump administration expelled 60 Russian diplomats all Russian intelligence agents working under diplomatic cover, the U.S. said. The group includes a dozen posted to Russia’s mission to the United Nations who the officials said were engaged in “aggressive collection” of intelligence on American soil.

The move was one of the most significant actions President Donald Trump’s administration has taken to date to punish Moscow and Russian President Vladimir Putin, especially over its intelligence activities. The last time they spoke, less than a week ago, Trump congratulated Putin for his re-election but didn’t raise the March 4 spy poisoning, Russia’s alleged election-meddling in the U.S. or its own tainted voting process, prompting dismayed critiques even from Trump’s fellow Republicans.

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