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White House Plan Includes Gun Training For Teachers


Source: Tom Williams / Getty

To tackle the issue of gun violence in schools, President Donald Trump plans to help states in paying for firearms training for teachers and improve the background check system.

Although Trump has advocated for a push to increase the minimum age for purchase of firearms in the past, his plan does not include it.

Steve Bannon Says ‘Let Them Call You Racists’

Senate candidate Roy Moore

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

By: Solomon Jones

Somes of you might not know the name Steve Bannon, but I do because Bannon was a key figure in Donald Trump’s campaign for the presidency.   

He was so important that when Trump won the election, Trump made Bannon his chief strategist, and gave him an office right down the hall from the president.

You only do that for someone whose judgment you know and trust.

That’s why when Steve Bannon went to France this weekend and told a room full of white nationalists that they should wear the term racist as a badge of honor, I wasn’t looking at Steve Bannon. Nope, I was giving the side eye to Donald Trump.

Because even if Trump eventually wised up and fired Bannon, why would he hire someone who embraces racism in the first place? That is, unless he agreed with them.

And let’s face it. The evidence points to Donald Trump agreeing with Steve Bannon. Maybe that’s why Trump told a crowd at a campaign rally this weekend that Maxine Waters had a low IQ. Let me say it again. Donald Trump disrespected the California Congresswoman we all know as Auntie Maxine. And at that moment, jars of Vaseline cracked open, hair was hastily cornrowed, and earrings were snatched off because you don’t diss Auntie Maxine.

But as bad as that is, it’s the least of Trump’s slights toward people of color. He called Mexican immigrants criminals and rapists. He said black people live in hell and dodge bullets all day. He spent five years telling the lie that President Obama was born in Kenya. And he was twice sued by the Justice Department for discriminating against people of color in his real estate business.

So when we learn that Trump had advisors who see racism as a badge of honor, we shouldn’t be surprised. We should be prepared. Prepared to vote against the idea that racism is honorable. Prepared to vote against the notion that black countries are crapholes. Prepared to vote against the belief that Americans should live separately.

Because black or white, young or old, Republican or Democrat, we are one nation, we have one destiny, and we must act for the benefit of all.

We must never allow racism to become a badge of honor.  Because there is no honor in hate.

The World Listens To Parkland High School Students. Some Philly Students Are Wondering: Why Not Them? 

Colorado guns in schools debate

Source: AAron Ontiveroz / Getty – In the wake of the Parkland mass school shooting that killed 17 and put a group of teens on the political map, black teens wonder, “Where was the attention during the protests over issues pressing our community, whether it be Black Lives Matter or the murder of a friend or relative?

Politicians are going out of their way to help these kids,” Philadelphia student Tatiana Amaya said of the Parkland activist students. “And there’s just a disconnect — when something happens in the white community, the black community is expected to support them, but people don’t stand up for the black community. The focus isn’t ‘What can we do to make black and brown kids feel safe in school?’ ”

Amaya, Sullivan, and the other members of Raised Woke, a Mastery-Shoemaker club focused on social justice and youth engagement, wonder where the outrage is when people in predominantly black neighborhoods get shot.

They’re not alone. From Florida to Chicago, some people in marginalized communities have been asking the same question in the wake of the Parkland massacre.

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