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Wendy Wiliams is taking a hiatus from her show on doctor’s orders.

Wendy gave her fans a real breakdown of what’s been going on with her health recently and explained why she’s putting a pause on production.

The daytime diva became her own Hot Topic today as she announced that she has been ordered to stay home and deal with her declining health for the next few weeks. This comes just days after she had to take a sudden leave due to some health issues.

Today, however, she let her viewers know that there was something serious going on.

“My thyroid has been totally cattywampus, and that is the eye thing that you have been seeing,” Wendy explained to viewers today, adding that she’s been having trouble sleeping and with intolerance to heat. She said she’s also experienced a rapid heartbeat lately, and all of her symptoms leave her feeling disoriented. “I feel like there are birds swimming around my head.”

Wendy, who also revealed that she’s experiencing menopause, admitted that she wasn’t entirely surprised that the doctor told her to take a break to get her health in check.

Last week, she suddenly had to shut down production for a few days. Her visit to the doctor has resulted in the direct order to take a step back from her purple chair for a few weeks.

“My doctor has prescribed as of today–are you ready? As of today, three weeks of vacation,” she revealed. “I was pissed.”

But because she loves to gab so much, Wendy joked that she refuses to stay away for the full term that she’s been ordered to rest.

“I’ll be back in two [weeks],” Wendy scoffed, adding that she needs to work. “I’m not an heiress. Who is going to pay my bills? Are you serious? I’m just saying, I come from working class.”

Wendy’s fans are accustomed to her going on leave for a few weeks throughout the year. She takes breaks for the holiday and summer vacation. However, Wendy didn’t want to disappear on her fans without letting them know why she was taking a step back.

According to Page Six, Wendy will be airing reruns for the duration of her break. “The show will be in repeats during this unplanned hiatus,” the insider said. “A live show was produced today so that Wendy could speak directly to her fans and explain her condition.”


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