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Probation Officer, Not The Judge – Pushed Meek Mill To Switch Managers

Meek Mill 'Wins And Losses' Album Signing

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As the feud continues with rapper Meek Mill and Philadelphia Common Pleas Court Judge Genece Brinkley, new information’s been released regarding his case. In December it was revealed Judge Brinkley urged Mill in a private meeting two years ago to ditch his current management team, and that his refusal might have played a part in her decision last year to send him back to prison.

Judge Brinkley has declined to respond to the claims of private meetings with Mill. On Friday, hours after an Inquirer and Daily News report detailed several ethical questions surrounding Mill’s case, the judge took the unusual step

The newly released document shows no evidence that Brinkley made any demands about Mill’s management during the discussion – in fact, she said it wasn’t up to her to decide whom Mill hired.

“I don’t want the record to suggest who your management is or not,” Judge Genece Brinkley,  according to the transcript.

Released transcripts reveal Mill’s then-Assistant District Attorney Noel DeSantis and probation officer Treas Underwood often condemned his current management company, Jay-Z’s Roc Nation, and advised him to return to Charles “Charlie Mack” Alston, a Philadelphia manager who kept Mill in compliance with court demands.

House Intel Committee Votes To Release Nunes Memo On FBI

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Washington (CNN)– On Monday, the House Intelligence Committee voted along party lines to publicly release a classified memo written by Republicans that alleges abuses by FBI in their surveillance, an aggressive move that could feed a GOP push to undercut special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation and ratchets up a battle with the Justice Department.

Rep. Adam Schiff, the committee’s top Democrat, told reporters that Republicans on the committee voted to release the controversial memo by chairman Devin Nunes.

The Nunes memo says that the FBI abused the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act over its use of the opposition research dossier on Donald Trump and Russia as part of the case to obtain a FISA warrant for former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser Carter Page. It cites the role of deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein and outgoing deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe for their roles in overseeing aspects of the investigation.

The President now has five days following a vote to decide whether to allow the public release to move forward.

FBI’s No. 2 Official McCabe, Blasted By Trump, Steps Down 

Russia Hearing: U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Holds a Hearing on Worldwide Threats

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

WASHINGTON (Reuters)FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, criticized by President Donald Trump and other Republicans for alleged bias against him and in favor of his 2016 Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, has stepped down, U.S. officials confirmed on Monday.

McCabe, who served as acting Federal Bureau of Investigation chief for more than two months last year after Trump fired Director James Comey, had been expected to leave his post as the No. 2 FBI official in March.

The FBI said on Monday that David Bowdich, the No. 3 FBI official would take over as acting deputy director.

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