More Women Accuse Roy Moore Of Sexual Misconduct

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On Wednesday, two more women have come fourth with allegations of sexual improprieties against U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore. There are now a total of seven women accusing the republican candidate of sexual misconduct.

One of the women is accusing Moore of forcing a kiss when she was around 18 years old. The other women claims he groped her.

In an interview with The Washington Post Gena Richardson says Moore, who was 30-years-old at the time,  frequently asked her for dates in 1977, just before or after she turned 18. In a dark parking lot at a mall in Gadsden, Alabama, Richardson said Moore gave her an unwanted, “forceful” kiss that scared her, the Post reported.

Shooter In California Rampage Wasn’t Allowed To Have Guns

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The California man who went on a deadly killing spree was blocked by a judge from having guns earlier this year after he was charged with stabbing a neighbor.

The sheriff’s of Tehama County say that Kevin Neal killed his wife the day before his deadly shooting rampage, where he killed four people in seven locations, along with an elementary school where several children were injured.

Tehama County officers believe Neal’s revengeful rampage began with his wife and continued as he shot two of his neighbors

Philadelphia’s School Reform Commission To Cast Vote


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The School Reform Commission will take a step this afternoon to give full control to the City of Philadelphia to take back public schools in the city. If this resolution passes the SRC will end in June of 2018.

Thursday’s meeting is scheduled to start at 4:30 p.m. (Hundreds are expect to celebrate the impending action at a 4 p.m. rally outside district headquarters at 440 N. Broad St.) The outcome is a foregone conclusion  — only three SRC members need to endorse the dissolution, and McGinley, Richman and Wilkerson are all firm ‘yes’ votes. Green will vote no; he has said he has deep concerns about the district’s finances and is “skeptical that the new board members will be able to respond to the inevitable difficult decisions ahead without putting political considerations first and foremost,” It’s not clear how Jimenez will vote.


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