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Lawmakers Gambling On Saving Pennsylvania

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Source: John Coletti / Getty

It’s being said that the solution to Pennsylvania’s budget problem are the sinners. Yes, you read that right.

With the recent approval of miniature casinos, internet gaming and video gaming truck stops, Pennsylvania lawmakers have now turned to vice to seal budget holes to avoid spending cuts, reformed and despised growth in sales and income taxes.

According to the National Tax Foundation, Pennsylvania’s “sin taxes” are more substantial than most of America. State Sen Scott Petri said, “I don’t know what other sin we go to… Are there any sins we’ve missed?”

Two Former Intelligence Chiefs Blast Trump


Source: SAUL LOEB / Getty

On Sunday, two former intelligence chiefs blasted President Donald Trump after he attacked them on Saturday while discussing his conversation with President Vladimir Putin.

During CNN’s “State of the Union” Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said President Trump’s devalue of the posed threat by Russia’s election meddling was dangerous to US national security and it allows countries like Russia and China to “play” the President. Alongside Clapper was Former CIA Director John Brennan, who said “Trump is allowing Putin to get away with Russia’s efforts to disrupt the presidential election.”  

Roy Moore Seeks To Refocus Campaign On Conservative Values Amid Allegations

Embattled GOP Senate Candidate Judge Roy Moore Attends Mid-Alabama Republican Club's Veterans Day Event

Source: Wes Frazer / Getty

Roy Moore, the Republican Senate candidate has decided to refocus his campaign on the conservative religious beliefs tailored to his voter demographic amid allegations of pursuing relationships with teenage girls when he was in his 30’s.

On Sunday night, while speaking at the Huntsville Christian Academy in Huntsville, Ala., Moore made threats to sue The Washington Post and called on the U.S. to bring back its culture by going “back to God.”

“If we go back to God, we can be unified again,” said Moore. 

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