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Mary J. Blige‘s newest album definitely spotlights her resilience and quest to hold her ex accountable, but according to Page Six, this wasn’t the tone it originally possessed. The singer’s failed 12-year marriage with Kendu Isaacs sparked her to change the lyrics of Strength Of A Woman.

“This album … [was] written from the perspective of me fighting for my marriage. And then when it all blew up in August, I had to start rewriting songs,” Blige told NPR earlier this week.

“There was no moment where I felt like I was going to keep this in because it was way too much for me to handle on my own,” said Blige, best known for her sad and painful songs.

“These are things I needed to get out. I needed to express myself and so it hurt, but it’s good. It’s good.”

When asked whether or not it was hard to walk around the studio “conjuring” up those feelings, Blige replied:

“It was hard because of the pain, but it was good to get it out. It made me cry, and then I had to go sing it and cry and get through it. But I believe that there’s a purpose for me here on this earth, and I think it’s so I can live and become these things so people can heal from them. I don’t mind the pain. I don’t mind it all, because it hurts so good. It hurts so good,” the Grammy winner shared.

She also stresses that her album Strength Of A Woman isn’t all about Kendu—she pays homage to her mother.

“We grew up in a single-parent home. My mom raised us by herself, my dad wasn’t there. And I never really seen this woman cry. I seen her work really, really hard. I see her love hard and take care of her children” she shared.

“We didn’t live in a great environment, but she was so strong. You never really saw her in pain. But through the songs she listened to, like “Victim” by Candi Staton — you knew something was wrong. And as a child, I knew, but she never turned around and just started crying in our face. She just always carried herself like a woman, like a lady, and she never let us see her going through it.”

As we previously reported, last summer Blige filed for divorce from Isaacs after 12 years of marriage. Recent court documents claim her estranged husband Martin “Kendu” Isaacs spent more than $420,000 during their marriage on “travel charges” that involved his girlfriend.

Blige also says that Isaacs refuses to return the Mercedes she leased for him and that he will not fork over possession of her “Grammy and other achievement awards.”

In addition, Isaacs reportedly requested 100K a month in spousal support to cover his living expenses, including $4,971 towards supporting his children from another relationship, $1,200 for dining-out and $5,708 for his housekeeper. This coming from a man who had infidelity rumors swirling for years.

See NewsOne’s exclusive interview with Blige below:



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