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Wawa store and gas station - Stafford, VA

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Get excited, an all new and improved Wawa is coming to Center City! We all know how hectic they can get during lunch and dinner hours, so by the sounds of this story courtesy of, this “super Wawa” should help alleviate some of those stresses! Check out the full scoop below!

If you ask a Philadelphian that has left the region to travel or even to live what they miss most about home, more than likely they will say Wawa.  Sure the soft pretzels and cheesesteaks have become iconic but no other food spot or establishment impacts a Philadelphian’s everyday life like Wawa.  It’s cheap, convenient and it has a place in all of our lives like a lovable cousin that always comes through in the clutch.

So when we hear the news of a new Wawa opening up, it’s always going to get our attention because knowing the location of the nearest Wawa, is the true hallmark of a Philadelphian.  You’ll be happy to know that this Friday the largest Wawa in Philadelphia is opening at 20th & Market in Center City.  If this doesn’t get you excited enough, maybe the FREE coffee they will be giving out will.

The last Wawa to open in Center City was the location at Broad & Walnut which is a mad house at lunch time, so expect the new location to be just as crazy.  Compared in size the Broad & Walnut is 5,380 square feet which is pretty damn big.  However, the new location slated to open Friday will have a sprawling 7,000 square foot layout of pure deliciousness.

For those that work, live or frequently visit Center City, this Wawa will be like the Super Walmart of Wawas.  We can’t wait to christian it with a late night run after a night of drinking in Center City.



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