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The teen tells police she and a friend posted the photos as a “prank only,” and intended no harm, according to Fox 29. These posts were discovered over the weekend by the school districts, with threats of clowns claiming to come kill kids at multiple Philly school districts via social media.

A similar situation just recently happened in New Jersey, and yesterday, according to reports, more teens behind new clown threats surfaced in Burlington Township and Central Bucks School Districts. These 2 teens, another teen girl and boy confessed they participated in the social postings, but never meant to carry anything out.

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“At the same time, Washington Township police were tracking down two teens believed to be behind two separate threats in the area, leading to the arrest of a 13-year-old girl, and 14-year-old boy. Both are expected to face cyber harassment charges. Police have not identified the teens due to their age.”

Philadelphia Public schools are closed Monday and Tuesday due to the holiday, but the district says come Wednesday, it is prepared to handle any security concerns, and asked parents to speak with children and check social media accounts.

Opinion: Why Is This Happening?

Now, the real question is, why do these children think this is okay? I am a 28-year-old male who dealt with the beginning phases of social media as a teenager and never really dealt with it at the magnitude these children due today. The technology continues to develop, anonymity online continues to become easier, and the repercussions of these actions from these teenagers is something no generation has ever had to deal with. Parents can’t fall back and say, “My parents handled this situation like this.”

I feel sometimes parents aren’t even aware of what to look for when it comes to online bullying, cyber harassment, or now to this extreme, death threats. We live in a post 9/11 society, and we really need to stress to the youth, for those maybe to young to realize the impact of their actions and these so called “mean no harm” death threats, that there are real repercussions for these actions, even if you think your just a username online.

Maybe it’s for attention, maybe they are pressured by friends, maybe they think it’s okay, but whatever IT is, it’s the parents & guardians responsibilities to put an end to this the best we can, and know WHAT to look for, when we do.

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Source: Fox 29 

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