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Over 15K Raised To Help Blind 12-Year-Old Receive Special Glasses

Christopher Ward Jr. was born with an undeveloped optic nerve and for the past 12 years, he’s only ever been able to see shapes and colors. Ward has never even seen his mother, Marquita Hackley. While watching TV, Hackley learned about the latest development in technology, eSight which: which uses a high-speed camera to record video live and then display it on LED screens located right in front of the wearer’s eyes. With the help of ABC, Hackley and Ward were to travel from VA to DC for the preteen to try a pair of the glasses which immediately helped him to see. The only issue was the fact that the customized lens were $15K. Following ABC airing the segment about Ward, the $15K was received within minutes.The subsequent money will be put into a trust for Ward’s future endeavors. ABC News

New Program Designed To Give Former Felons A Second Chance

The U.S. Department of Justice and the Department of Housing and Urban Development have invested $2 million in providing resources for former felons that need jobs.  “All of us make mistakes,” says DOJ Director of Access to Justice Lisa Foster. “What we know about young people is that they make lots of mistakes.” As part of National Re-entry Week, the DOJ will be focusing on helping men in 18 cities that are under 25 secure housing apply for a driver’s license, jobs and more. NBC LA



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