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Twelve Gospel Singers With Raised Hands Singing in a Church Service

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*Although screen monitors are used these days, I remember the interaction while sharing a hymnal and singing together with the person next to me in church – pointing out each stanza on each staff to keep up.

There was something about congregational singing that was wholesome and you could feel it in the air and in your heart. Many churches today have either abandoned or just don’t know or don’t care about the value of congregational singing.

On today’s church circuit it’s not uncommon to hear a choir director or song stylist shout “get your praise on” as if we were at the Super Bowl. Yes, we should worship in joyful praise but the focus seems to be more on them, the individual, than on Him, the God we serve.

With many so-called singers doing what I call vocal acrobatics, there seems to be a thin line between what’s sacred and what’s secular. Many of today’s award-winning gospel songs are improvised in such a way that many choir members fail miserably when they try to emulate them.

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