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More unrest: A state of emergency. Acts of civil disobedience. And frozen water bottles. That pretty much sums up the day in Ferguson, one day after the one-year anniversary of Michael Brown’s death and a night of unrest that left the city on edge. That violence led a top St. Louis county official to declare a state of emergency yesterday, while protesters marched in downtown St. Louis and temporarily blocked an area interstate. Later in the evening, a peaceful protest in Ferguson devolved into chaos after police said frozen water bottles were thrown at officers.

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Tragic hike: David and Ornella Steiner died last week while hiking in the desert, but managed to keep their son alive by giving him extra water. That’s what New Mexico authorities believe happened. The Steiners apparently were underprepared for a desert hike in White Sands National Monument on a 100-degree day, bringing only two bottles of water (the park advises hikers to carry 1 gallon per person). The couple’s 9-year-old son was found next to his father’s body, dehydrated but alive. The parents reportedly gave their son twice as much water to drink than they consumed, contributing to his survival.


‘A real mess’: There’s no other way to describe what’s happened on the Animas River in Colorado, after the EPA caused 3 million gallons of pollutants to be dumped into the waterway last week. The Animas turned orange as a toxic mix of iron, zinc and copper flowed between its banks. Testing done right after the spill showed pollutants were at “maximum contaminant levels,” but those have dropped the past few days. The spill’s effect on wildlife and businesses along the river is unclear, but there’s already talk of taking legal action against the EPA.

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