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While important stories about the Ebola crisis, Islamic state group and nationwide protests dominated headlines this year, the news media neglected other important stories.

Prominent journalists met at the Woodrow Wilson Center last week to discuss the most underreported stories of 2014.

No one at the event would admit to missing an event outright – one journalist said that would be tantamount to admitting to malpractice – but they shared news they said should have gotten more widespread attention.

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1. Loose nukes in Pakistan

Pakistan has at least six nuclear sites and could have as many as 200 nuclear devices by 2020. The Wilson Center’s Director Jane Harmansaid local reports described warheads being transported in vans, which could be a serious problem in a country with an active Taliban presence. (The discussion was held before Tuesday’s attack on a school in Islamabad where more than 100 students were murdered by Taliban forces.)

“There’s one I think at least we should devote a few brain cells to,” Harman said.

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