[UPDATE] 11/25/14 12:21 am est.

Read Darren Wilson’s Testimony Here:

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[UPDATE] 11/24/14 10:11 pm est.

President Obama delivers a statement on the Grand Jury decision for no indictment of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

[UPDATE] 11/24/14 9:25 pm est.

The Grad Jury handling the Mike Brown Shooting have concluded that there will be no indictment of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, for the shooting of unarmed teen Mike Brown. St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch gave a 20 minute statement of the findings of the Grand Jury, then took questions from local media outlets.

We will updated you when evidence is released.


The grand jury in Ferguson, Missouri has reached a decision in the shooting death of Michael Brown by Police Officer Darren Wilson. An announcement is expected later today!

The unarmed Mike Brown was gunned down by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson August 9th 2014.

Decision coming soon…

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