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Where did the year go?! Well beauties, whether we’re ready or not, it’s here– the home stretch. The last two months are full of holiday greetins and cheer, but if you’re trying to keep things tight and right, these final two months can be challenging. But have no fear, your holiday survival kit is here. Follow these 10 easy tips and greet 2015 the same healthy happy beauty you planned to be in 2014.

#1 Stress Less

When we are stressed and frazzled our decision making skills go out the door and our immune systems take a hit too. So check in before you check out by recognizing when you’re eating your emotions so your emotions don’t cheat you.

#2 Sweat More

Speaking of stress, if you feel like you’re drowning in stress try drowning yourself in sweat. People who sweat often are overall happier folks and happy folks don’t trample people during Black Friday sales. Real talk. Fitness changes things ladies.

#3 Don’t Fall Back With The Clocks

The days may be shorter, but unfortunately our work days are still longer. So break up your cubicle time and get some Vitamin D. This hormone is best served in the sun (kind of like us Cali girls) therefore catch some rays in order to lengthen these shorter days.

#4 Power Up With Protein

Holiday treats will feel like less of a cheat if you invite more protein the the party. High-protein foods take more work to digest, metabolize, and use, which means you burn more calories simply processing them. Plus, since they take longer to leave your stomach you’ll feel full sooner and longer.

#5 Go Lay Down Somewhere

For real. Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial in general, but especially during these potentially stressful holiday months. Rested beauties are overall more calm and patient. So let this be the year that your in-laws don’t drive you completely crazy. Turn it in early when possible and sleep in when you can. Hello weekends!

#6 Meditation On Location

Thanksgiving is a season based on gratitude, so keep this in mind by finding random moments to be mindful. It’s the little things beauties and you don’t have to partake in a #100happydays challenge on Instagram to experiences moments of gratitude. Some days I set my alarm for every two hours and use this time to close my eyes, breathe and focus on one thing I’m grateful for. I call it mediation on location. Try it.

#7 Take A Seat And Eat

Skipping meals is so not an option beauties. Busy schedules are inevitable this time of the year, but this holiday season commit to eating at least two out of three meals seated. When we take time to eat and eliminate eating on the go we not only eat less but enjoy our grub way more. So take a seat and eat.

#8 No Banking Calories

Your savings account and daily calories have nothing in common, so stop trying to store up calories for a big meal (read Thanksgiving). Many people will partake in extreme dieting the days leading up to this meal only to partake in a binge fest once the turkey hits the table. The key is balance boo, so eat regularly and have a regular sized Thanksgiving dinner.

#9 Don’t Just Wing It

True story–I am a spontaneous person and get a high out of winging things in life, but there are some areas where I refuse to wing it. Read – my diet during the holidays. There are too many temptations lurking at every corner so I always plan ahead. That means no showing up to parties starving and no hitting holiday happy hours dehydrated. If you check in with these two things ladies you will be shocked how less tempting that third glass of eggnog will be.

#10 Learn To Say No

In general. However in regard to the holidays It is easy to blame weight gain on these festive events, but the truth is beauties: we are in control. So take full on responsibility of your choices this season by choosing what will and will not pass your lips. You don’t have to eat that pecan pie Aunt Caroline made just because. If you want it eat it, if you don’t, learn to say no.

Robbie Ann Darby (RAD Experience) is a professional FitGirl, Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer in NYC. Follow her sweaty life on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for more fun health and fitness tips!


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