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Help for Parents of Children Who Don't Want to Read the Bible

You nag, beg, cajole, and bribe but your son’s Bible remains on the shelf, unread, collecting dust. Or maybe, afraid you’ll push him in the other direction; you’re reluctant to say anything. Either way, you yearn to see him not only read his Bible but fall in love with God’s holy Word, because you know that’s how he’ll grow. But how can you help your reluctant reader develop this important spiritual discipline?

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If you have a tween, chances are, you’ve battled with this question a time or two. Unfortunately, there’s no magic formula that will turn your child into a Bible-lover, but there are numerous things you can do to help.

Determine the Cause/s of their Reluctance

Effective parenting focuses on the heart, because that’s where life-change occurs, but reaching the heart can take a bit of detective work. This requireslaying your assumptions aside and taking the time to understand your child and the cause of their reluctance.

The reasons can be numerous, from reading difficulties to insecurities.

According to Lori MacMath, owner of ICDevos and Children’s Director and Camp Adventure Coordinator at Vintage 242 Church in Dallas, Georgia, children might not know where to begin. “Many kids simply don’t have an example and aren’t sure how to read their Bibles,” she says.

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