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Hey Praise Family! Have you ever wondered if God heard your prayers? Or said the same prayer, over and over, and over, again just to make sure he heard you the first time. We’ll if you have, then you might just exhibit the behavior of a “Doubting Thomas”. Check out this article from the Christian Blog: Bottled Tears In Heaven for a little evaluation:


Are You Thomas?

By Jazmine S.

Once Jesus had risen from the dead, not all of His disciples believed that He had truly returned. Thomas was not a believer of the Resurrection until Jesus showed him the scars left on His hands and feet from the nails that were used to hang Him on the cross. Now, I know what’s going through your head; you’re probably thinking … “How could he not believe? If that was me, I wouldn’t have had any doubt that God was able to raise His Son from the dead.” I thought the same thing until I took a closer look at myself.

Doubt comes in many forms; you could be a “Doubting Thomas,” and never realize it until you actually do an in-depth self-evaluation. Have you ever wondered if God hears your prayers? By wondering if God hears your prayers, you exhibit doubt in Him and His Word. Matthew 21:22 says that “if [we] believe, [we] will receive whatever [we] ask for in prayer.” Therefore, we should rest assured that God DEFINITELY hears our prayers. Not only does He hear, but He actually listens to them.

 Let’s make it even more personal; do you ever doubt that you have what it takes to fulfill your destiny? To read this article in it’s entirety go to:

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