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‘Preachers’ Daughters’ reality show  

Lifetime is rolling out a second season of their “Preachers’ Daughters” reality show highlighting the sometimes shockingly bad behavior of clerics’ kids. In a trailer for the upcoming program viewers see two daughters from last season return and try to navigate teen life and the temptations that come with it.

One will once again be “boy crazy,” kissing and courting two different young men at the same time and another will drive her preaching mother mad with her wild ways. The two new daughters will undoubtedly steal the show, however, with their drug use and drinking that includes cognac, prescription pain pills and marijuana.

“Preachers’ Daughters” airs March 5 at 9



Taylor and the Coleman family

Taylor Coleman is returning to raise cane on “Preachers’ Daughters” season two. The rambunctious teen will once again party with friends and bounce between two boys, both of whom asked her to her senior prom.

In a plot twist, Taylor will have to settle down to support her dad, whose health is continuing to deteriorate.

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Kolby and the Koloff Family

Kolby Koloff, another veteran, will return to television March 5 alongside her two preacher parents. Overwhelmed by the overbearing adults, Kolby will seek refuge in her friends, who aren’t always the best influence.


Tori and the Elliot Family

The oldest preacher’s daughter, Tori Elliott, 22, often frequents Bourbon Street where she drinks herself into a stupor with her friends. After being evicted from her apartment, she moves back in with her parents, Pastor Kenny Elliot and First Lady Monique Elliot.

In addition to swigging alcohol, Tori seems to have a problem with prescription pills.


Megan and the Cassidy family

Newbie Megan Cassidy, 17,  is enjoying her teenage years despite being the daughter of Pastor Jeff Cassidy. Pastor Cassidy has a past that includes drinking and drug use and will worry that his teen is following in his footsteps. Megan will be asked to take a drug test and will be accused of attending church hungover from drinking alcohol. Viewers will also see her brother Zac recover from an addiction to pain pills.


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