Sistahs!  Look Younger and Slimmer

When it comes to aging gracefully and beautifully, black women are extremely fortunate.  The way we walk and talk; the texture of our hair and our curves are to die for.  Black women represent power, strength, grace and beauty.  But sometimes we forget how blessed we are to be fearfully and wonderfully made.  The true essence of a black woman is to be put together at all times whether dressed down or dressed up.  How you present yourself to God and the world is the essence of your very soul and we should always represent well.

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Here are a few tips that will keep people asking, “How do you look good all the time?”

Quality undergarments are essential

Lace, sheer and embroidery are cute, but when it comes to undergarments, FIT is key!  Especially for those who are challenged with weight, wearing the wrong bra will make your breasts fall too low and make you look older and heavier.  However, the right bra can make you look leaner and slimmer. The right underwear is essential as well.  Cellulite can be seen through your clothes so thongs aren’t cute if you have cellulite!  Spanx will always keeps it tight and right!  Try it; you will see the difference next time.

Knowing YOU, is knowing your size

The biggest mistake women make when it comes to wearing the right size, is we don’t believe in wearing “the right size”!  We believe that one size fits all.  Well, it doesn’t.  Squeezing in the wrong size trying to look thinner only makes you look bigger and older.  Sometimes women believe that if they risk wearing their real size then they have to deal with their real weight.  Here’s a news flash, eating healthy and exercising can get you in any size you want.  But in the meantime, you don’t have to look terrible while waiting to lose the weight.  You can look your best at any weight!

We are women of color, so wear some

Black makes you look thin, is a MYTH.  Your size is your size no matter what color you wear. The thing that makes black women so beautiful is that we come in so many shades, therefore why would we limit ourselves to dark and neutral colors.  Take a chance; be bold and dress outside the box.  Pastel colors, earth tones prints and patterns are here for taking.  So take off that black and put on some color!   Bright colors on your good features will make your outfit rock.  Black women come in all colors, so should your wardrobe. Trust me when I tell you, color will make you look much younger and will also brighten your day.

 Tips for my SISTAHS, from a Sistah, because I’m a Lady!

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Source:  Kay Karmell

Photo:  Radio One

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