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How you wash your natural hair is very important in maintaining its overall health. You want to make sure you are following a regimen that gets your hair clean without taking up your entire day. The following tips should make your wash day an all-around success!


Using what is referred to as a “pre-poo” on natural hair before starting your wash process will make your hair more manageable and easier to handle. To do this simply use some type of moisturizer, oil, or conditioner and apply to hair from ends to root. Let it sit on your hair under a plastic cap for at least 30 minutes. You can even let it sit overnight, so your hair is ready and prepared for your wash the next morning.

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Dry Finger Detangle

You might be thinking detangling your without a comb isn’t happening, but any one can do it with patience. Using a light oil like coconut or avocado, gently use your fingers to detangle your strands. This process shouldn’t be difficult, especially if you used a pre-poo. The purpose of dry detangling is to avoid detangling while hair is wet. Wet hair is weak and can break easily. If you’re trying to retain your length, you will definitely give this a try.

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Section Wash

Section washing is when you wash your hair in sections. To do this, divide your hair into at least four sections and wash each separately. Not only will you find this method much easier, but it will allow you to clean your hair thoroughly.

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Co-washing is using conditioner rather than shampoo to wash your hair. Surprisingly, a lot of the cleaning agents found in shampoo are in conditioners. Many naturals strictly co-wash and then clarify with apple cider vinegar eliminating shampoo all together.

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Even if you don’t use apple cider vinegar every time you wash, I highly recommend incorporating it into your regimen in some shape or form. Apple cider vinegar is one of the best ways to clarify your scalp and hair. You might opt to only use it every other week or once a month to get rid of any serious build up you may have.

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