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We are a few weeks into the New Year and a lot of naturals have set hair growth goals. Everyone’s hair grows at different rates, but if you follow these essential tips you will see a difference in the length and overall health of your hair.

1. Keep hair moisturized

Moisturizing your hair is the absolute most important thing you can do for hair growth. Natural hair is already extremely dry, so if you don’t moisturize it will lead to breakage. You can judge for yourself how often you should moisturize. Sometimes my hair can stay soft for days and others it’s dry before the day is over. Pay attention to your hair needs daily, especially with climate changes.

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2. Keep hair clean

Your scalp needs to be clean in order for your hair to grow. Washing your hair doesn’t always mean shampooing. In fact, I don’t use shampoo at all. I’ve found the best cleaning agent is apple cider vinegar. Mix about two tablespoons in two cups of water in a spray bottle and saturate your hair. Wash it out as you would a shampoo. How often you cleanse will depend on how much product you put in your hair. Also, if you workout your hair may need to be washed more often than others who do not.

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3. Keep up on your trims

Don’t be scared to get a trim. Women get so concerned about cutting off their length, but damaged split ends aren’t worth keeping. Typically, hair stylists say you need a trim every six to eight weeks, but I don’t follow this rule. I say get a trim when you need one, whether that’s six weeks or six months. A big part of achieving long hair is retention. You run the risk of having to chop more off when you don’t trim when it’s needed.

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4. Eat healthy

Believe it or not, our diet plays a major role in our health.  I personally don’t eat healthy all the time, but there is a difference when I do. If you don’t want to eliminate foods from your diet, try adding super foods that aid in hair growth like eggs, sweet potatoes, nuts, and other fruits and vegetables.

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5. Take vitamin supplements

If you don’t get your essential vitamins from your diet, then you might want to consider taking a supplement. Vitamins great for hair growth are B-complex and Vitamin D. You may also want to try supplements that are specifically for hair growth like Maxi-Hair or Hair Infinity. Both have received excellent reviews in achieving long and heathy hair.

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