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Do you think it’s better to get married when you’re young or better to wait a while?

Theses are the Thoughts of our Elements of Inspiration / Praise 103.9 Listeners

1. Smith Wait till you are older

2. Reed Get married when you know that the both of you are ready for the responsibility that a really marriage take to survive.

3. Wilson: Wait on God to send them*

4. Bee: My husband Joseph was 54 when we got married on Valentine’s Day in 1998 and I was 23.

5. Kidd : It depends on the maturity level of the couple.

6. Angie: It depends on the maturity level

7. Ms Good: wait a while.. to avoid identity crisis as a couple

8. PC: it truly depends on the couple and their maturity level at the time of marriage and their understanding of what marriage truly means.

9. Love: when you are older the mindset changes so much in the 20’s

10. Valentine: Wait, I’m living proof.

11. Lolagne: Hind sight is 20/20 its best to wait until you are a little older or at least have some stability and consistency in your life. I think it’s good also to know what’s it’s like to live alone for a while before getting married, too many of us go from mom’s house to our house, just my thoughts.

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12. Christian: Does it matter if you plan on spending the rest of your life with them and not just a few years?

13. Hardy: I say when you in your thirty wait until you experience everything out here so you can know what’s it like thats just my opinion!!!!

14. Bigford: Wait!

15. Carter: In my opinion it’s better too get married when you’re both mature, and ready for all the responsibilities as a married couple; age has a small part in it, but isn’t the prime factor.

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