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How can you tell when someone is lying to you? Can you read it in their face, see it in their movements or speech? What if you can’t see their face or aren’t in their presence; can you still tell if they’re lying? What if they presented an idea to you that wasn’t real, could you poke holes in it? What if society constantly bombarded your mind with this same lie, legitimizing it with TV shows, movies and statistics which misrepresent reality, could you then see the deception?

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If I told you that black fathers are statistically the best dads in America would you think that it was a lie? If you didn’t think I was lying to you, you’re probably assuming the statement is stretched from the truth, but in actuality it is not. According to a study released by The National Center for Health Statistics, black fathers are involved in the day to day lives of their children more than dads in Hispanic households as well as their white counterparts. So where did we get the “Black Dad’s are the Worst” idea from? Stereotypes and statistics geared towards making black fathers believe they are some how inadequate at being a good dad.  As you read this article, it will touch on some new facts  to change the perception, but will not dive deep into all the numbers. I leave it up to you to continue your research and find more for yourself.

To all black fathers who have done everything in their power to be good role models to their children despite all the stereotypes and statistics to prove otherwise, I SALUTE YOU. We have created a culture that hates and despises you. It depicts you as deadbeat, it throws you to the fire through media and movies, and rarely shows you as having any worth in our communities. Worst of all, our community believes it to be fact. Let this be a testament on your behalf, YOU ARE GREAT and the rest of this article will prove it. But you also need to understand that you can be better and there are things we can do as a community to help our fathers become better dads.



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