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We are now in the holiday season, how many of you as children remember the best gift you ever received? What was it? These are the thoughts of our Elements of Inspiration / Praise 103.9 Listeners

1. Migule : A yellow radio from a father i seen two times in my life.. Meant the word to me.. And a green and black pair of nikes that was too small… But grandmoms blessed me with a powerwheel truck that covered the absence of mom and dad..

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2. Bell: “Well my best gift is when my lovable parents introduced me to my lord and savior Jesus Christ.”

3. Sugabear: I was about 9 or 10 I believe and my dad gave me and my brother Green Machines only the best big wheel in the world lol

4. Nelson The Christmas after my mom and step dad separated he left a bike on the door, knocked and left. We had little money so it meant a lot to me.

5. Roslyn: A Barbie dream house

6. Monroe I was the only girl and my mother was unable to have more children, I prayed and prayed but nothing happened so my mother took is to take holiday pictures and I whispered in Santa’s ear all I want is a sister I’m praying but nothing happened, he said keep praying..maybe two years after that we adopted my sister and then another sister..that was the GREATEST GIFT TO ME AS A CHILD..I BELIEVED IN PRAYERS AND STILL DO. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY TO MY DEAR SISTER Raychel Houston


8. Diashuna: My 1st pair of Roller skates… they were blue.

9. Catrina: a Doll house.

10. Twanda: I got a Pepsi soda machine….and a Tootaloop radio….i loved that radio!!!!

11. Harris: The best gift I ever got was my barbie doll house when I was 8 or 9. I didn’t want to go to sleep, I played with it all day…..LOL

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