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Whats your definition of an independent woman?

These are the Thoughts of our Elementsof Inspiration Praise 103.9 Listeners….

1. Johnson: A female who works hard wait or depend on No one to give her anything Make it happen for herself!!! with the help of The Lord!!

2. Catrina An independent woman is someone who does everything by herself with minimum help

3. Mrs Lynch: A woman who knows she is truly dependent on GOD!!!! That’s my definition! And you can quote me on that one!!!! Lol

4. Jamie: One who relies on The Lord to supply all her needs so that when others drop the ball….she can still keep it moving because she never lost sight of the fact that they were never her real support in the first place….

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5. Ms. Rice: What makes me an independent women is the wisdom God Has granted me so I use to make important decisions regarding work family friends relationship n to know when the devil is trying to attack

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