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1. Applications Software Developers can work virtually since they do their work on a computer all day. With a median salary of $90,060 moving upwards to almost $140,000!

2. A Market Research Analyst know what people buy and when they buy it – a data driven job that can be done from anywhere. The median salary is $60,300 and the 90th percentile is making $113,500.

3. Every company needs an Accountant and some are able to work virtually since they’re just moving around numbers all day. The median salary is $63,550 and the 90th percentile makes $111,510.

4. Graphic Designers can work for a company or through freelance on their own designing art digitally for any kind of client. The median salary is just over $44,000 and heading north to $77,490 for the higher earning tier.

5. A Personal Financial Advisor might typically work in an office environment but they can also be virtual employees. The median salary is $67,520 and goes up to $187,200 and above.

6. A PR Specialist is always on the go and out and about moving both in and out of the office. The median salary for these roles are typically $54,000 and moving to over $100,000.


Source: Yahoo Education

Photo Credit: Hello Beautiful

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