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Last week President Barack Obama traveled to Philadelphia, PA to deliver his second annual back-to-school speech at the Julia Masterman Laboratory and Demonstration School.  Several dignitaries joined President Obama to support and encourage the kids to take control of their future and succeed this school year. During his speech, Obama told students they have an obligation to themselves and America has an obligation to them to provide the best possible environment for all kids to learn and get the best education they can.  He also told them if all the tools are provided for them, they should do the following steps:

1.  Arrive to school on time

2.  Pay attention in class

3.  Do your homework

4.  Study for your exams

5.  Stay out of trouble

6.  Instill a sense of excellence in everything you do.

7.  Step out of your comfort zone

8. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

9.  Never Give up

Lastly, the one thing the Prez wanted everyone to take from this year’s speech is, “Life is precious and what makes it so wonderful is its diversity. All of us are different. We shouldn’t be embarrassed by it, we should be proud of it. It’s the difference in all of us that makes us unique.”


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