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When life gets tough, remember to never ever give up. 91-year-old Lewis Brown of Philadelphia is a prime example of staying on life’s course until your goals are realized.

Lewis H. Brown, born on June 3, 1921, served in the US Army in England, Italy and North Africa during World War II. He enrolled at the International Chiropractic College in Dayton, Ohio. While in school he worked a full-time job the local VA hospital to support his wife and children. He was scheduled to receive his diploma in July of 1953 when tragedy struck. His 6-year-old son was diagnosed with spinal meningitis leaving Lewis no choice but to leave school and his dreams of  of opening a chiropractic clinic behind him to care of his family.

As time went by, Lewis established a career of civil service, but never forgot about his true dream to open a chiropractic clinic. His wife saw that he still yearned for his dreams and decided to help. Through hard work and diligence she contacted National University of Health Sciences in suburban Chicago, and a few phone calls later NUHS was able to find Lewis H. Brown’s paperwork. The school reviewed his documents and awarded him a chiropractic degree from National University of Health Sciences.

Lewis is now a 91 year old black belt and is an active part of his church, community and family.


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