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Have you ever been laid-off or let go from a Job? If so what did you do to pull it all together again?

These are the thoughts and coments from our Ptaise listeners…..

1. Williams Focus on your skills, they are transferable to any other market, and call on all of your family and friends that work at companies your interested in, ask for informational interviews just to test the waters, and use social sites to post your resume, when your good people will remember and notice and you will get another job or new career soon, also check out our website at, we have a jobs portal.

2. Joyner I took a step back…to just reevaluate things……what happened?…how’d it make me feel…my current and future finances, bills, etc…After the initial shock, surprise, embarrassment and betrayal wore off..(and you do have those feelings)….I then looked at my overall skills, education, additional education needed, work experience….and what I really wanted to do next…Then I took my time…and did it…it was hard and scary…but I put my trust in God…and he worked it all out…he really did….

3. Reed Got right back out there and found another job

4. Stephens In this economy it’s very difficult. I lost everything with the crash a few years ago. my 401k, my savings went, i lost my bi-level off of rittenhouse. The positions that I’ve since been considered for are a fraction of my old salary. I’ve only landed random temp jobs and lost my last place in the city after only 3 months – when my firm ran out of money and several partners left. I’ve lost everything I owned and I’m still surviving day to day staying with one friend after another. No benefits,recent unemployment long since expired – cut short by the sequester. The simple things like being able to even get to a job interview ie: having the financial means for septa, are a challenge. Keeping a phone on? Too many friends are are in the same situation, or making barely enough to survive across the country and having utilities cut off. And too many people, myself included have been repeatedly denied SNAP. Getting laid off today is no joke, and not easy at all to come back from. It seems like I can’t go a week without hearing of someone losing their job, or their apartment, or having to sell their house, or having utilities cut off. What was a good salary 5 years ago is considered a GREAT salary today. There’s really 2 America’s. The half that it’s hit, and the half that it hasn’t yet. 50% of Americans are living within 30% of the poverty level. which is less than 30k for a family of 4 and 15k for an individual. The half that hasn’t been effected seem to be clueless and can’t comprehend how dire the other half is.

5. Jackson Didnt care Cause GOD has my destiny was glad got something better and more .what did they do when they lost me

6. Hughes Went and got another

7. Johnson Prayed and Asked God for another one”

8. May Opened my own business. Thats after I spent hours in prayer and fully thought things through.

9. Gregg Beleave that GOD will help you in every aspect that u need help with, and think positive and have faith that everything will be ok and that u will find an even better job that u had before, and always prayed to GOD for what u want and u will receive.

10. Sheppard Went back to school got another degree and made myself more employable.

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