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If you’re hoping Grammy Award-winning rap lyricist Lecrae Moore, 33, who prefers not to be labeled a “Christian” rapper, will be more in-your-face and direct about addressing sin in his media interviews, according to him, “you’ll be disappointed.”

In a video interview with, the Reach Records Co-Founder and artist said he’s more interested in emphasizing grace than condemnation, and is careful to walk the line when it comes to maintaining balance between both his Christian and secular associations, to avoid unnecessary controversy.

“You know, the media loves sensationalism and I just try not to give them an opportunity to sensationalize anything I say,” he explained. “They also love to pigeon-hole Christians and put us back in, I don’t know man, the early 90s, late 80s when Christianity was really like, all about pointing out the wrong things in culture.”

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